Confused by the quickstart example

Joachim Ziegler ziegler at
Wed Jul 13 04:19:58 CDT 2005

Ben Collins-Sussman wrote:
> I tried to clarify the Quickstart section in my latest commit.  It  

I've just read it, and now it's really perfect!

"Subversion has no concept of a “project”. The repository is just a 
virtual versioned filesystem, a large tree that can hold anything you 
wish. Some administrators prefer to store only one project in a 
repository, and others prefer to store multiple projects in a repository 
by placing them into separate directories. The merits of each approach 
are discussed in the section called “Choosing a Repository Layout”. 
Either way, the repository only manages files and directories, so it's 
up to humans to interpret particular directories as “projects”."

Very clear! This paragraph will save a lot of beginners many minutes of 

Greetings and thank you,


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