[PATCH] Various svnbook fixes

Øyvind A. Holm sunny at sunbase.org
Tue Jul 12 14:59:08 CDT 2005

On 2005-07-10 13:09:41 C. Michael Pilato wrote:
> Ben Collins-Sussman wrote:
> > On Jul 9, 2005, at 22:05, Øyvind A. Holm wrote:
> > >  * CVS hasn’t used RCS as a backend in years.
> >
> > I think we're using 'backend' differently.  While it's true that the 
> > CVS program doesn't depend on the RCS program anymore, the *storage* 
> > is still in RCS files.  That's what we meant below.  Perhaps we 
> > should reword as "CVS stores its data in RCS files..."?
> Yep.  I like Ben's version better.  So, nyeh. :-P

Yep, that one works. Joining the :-P . Those two short explanations are 
only a small part of the patch btw, there’s a bunch more. Don’t think 
they’re especially controversial, though.

Сенсорно Ваш,
Ойвин Хольм (sunny256)
for f in 1 2 3; do
  wget $PREF.sub ; mplayer -cache 8192 -sub stallman${f}c.sub $PREF.mpeg

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