translation HowTo - is there such an animal

Lorenz lorenznl at
Tue Jul 12 05:47:21 CDT 2005

Greetings to all the busy book authors and translators,

I'm in the course of figure out, if I'm able and willing to
participate in translating "The Book" into German.

I already had brief contact with other potential candidates 8-)

In the meanwhile I am trying to figure out what I need to get started.

I's not the process of compiling the xml files (as described in, but the

     "how to edit xml files on windows without spending
      money or getting involved with emacs/vim"


     "how to format the source, so that
      updating from trunk/en is still possible"

questions that occupy me.

I searched the repository and the mailing list, but could not find any
in depth information regarding this topics.

Could some of the people that are working on the other translations
please compile some information about their setup and mode of


Perhaps this sort of information (including the README) could be
collected in the trunc of the repositiory, so that interested people
can find it easily.

eagerly awaiting to be overwhelmed with information


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