src/tools/ fixes/updates to xsl detection routine

Geoff Davis geoff at
Sat Jul 9 17:55:59 CDT 2005


I've been working with the svnbook's build structure for a bit to  
build some in-house documentation. I've made several fixes and  
updates for both Solaris 8 and Mac OS X with Fink. The files in  
question haven't changed much in trunk.

In tools/Makefile.base, the shell for make to use is /bin/sh.  
However, on the ENSURE_XSL target, test is called with -e. This  
doesn't exist in classic Bourne shell, which is what is run on  
Solaris 8 as /bin/sh. I changed the line ENSURE_XSL to look like this:

ENSURE_XSL = [ -d "$(TOOLS_DIR)/xsl" ] || [ -f "$(TOOLS_DIR)/xsl ] \
              || $(TOOLS_DIR)/bin/

Sorry I can't provide a diff - I've hacked Makefile.base for my own  
nefarious purposes to a good degree.

Also, I have another location for the xsl stylesheets on Mac OS X  
with Fink.

Diff against trunk:
[davis at dirtball:~/sandbox]$ diff svnbook/tools/bin/\
 >     # Mac OS X with Fink docbook-xsl package installed
 >     '/sw/share/xml/xsl/docbook-xsl',

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