[BOOK] Chapter 1

Alex Olivas olivas at icecube.umd.edu
Wed Feb 23 20:55:37 CST 2005

I have just couple of comments on the first chapter.
I just installed subversion on my laptop and borrowed a
copy of the book from a friend.

Under "A Quick Start"  the command "svnadmin create /path/to/repos"
doesn't work as written.  I get the error message...
svn: Repository creation failed
svn: Could not create top-level directory
svn: Can't create directory 'path/to/repo': No such file or directory

If there's a way to create the directories recursively I would suggest
adding that to this example.  Otherwise maybe something like
"svnadmin create /path-to-repos"

There also seems to be a typo on the next page.  It reads
"$ svn checkout file://path/to/repos/trunk project"
and I think there's a missing '/' after file: and should read...
"$ svn checkout file:///path/to/repos/trunk project"

Thanks and I look forward to reading the rest of the book
and playing with subversion.  Maybe when I get a bit farther
along I'll start submitting patches instead. :)

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