[svnbook commit] r1103 - trunk/www

sunny256 at red-bean.com sunny256 at red-bean.com
Wed Feb 23 11:11:52 CST 2005

Author: sunny256
Date: Wed Feb 23 11:11:51 2005
New Revision: 1103

HTML fix in the English page.

* www/index.en.html
  (Contributing): Replaced </li></ul> with missing </p>.

Modified: trunk/www/index.en.html
--- trunk/www/index.en.html	(original)
+++ trunk/www/index.en.html	Wed Feb 23 11:11:51 2005
@@ -96,8 +96,7 @@
    Be sure to include the word <tt>[BOOK]</tt> in the subject line,
    and <tt>[BOOK PATCH]</tt> if submitting a patch.  Please make your
-   patches against the XML sources.</li>
+   patches against the XML sources.</p>

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