[PATCH] Repo layout

Martin A. Brooks martin at hinterlands.org
Tue Dec 20 05:40:20 CST 2005


Blair Zajac wrote:
> The standard method of dealing with this is using the mailer.py and a 
> mailer.conf that sends email to the people that care about particular 
> portions of the repository, so people don't have th slog through emails 
> they don't care about.

I've looked and mailer.py does not appear to be mentioned anywhere in 
the book at present.

> Regarding repository administration, it's much easier to have a single 
> repository that contains all the projects and manage the mailer.conf 
> file than it is to have one repository for each project, as you'll still 
> need to manage the mailer.conf's to get the correct email addresses for 
> each repository.

I disagree.  There are situations where this is the case, but it's not 
universally correct.  If you have non-overlapping projects then seperate 
repos are easier to manage, even more so if there are two distinct sets 
of users commiting.  I'm sure this scenario works for you, it will 
certainly not work for everyone.

Mentioning mailer.py would require an addtional explanatory section 
which I'm certainly not best qualified to write as I've never used it. 
Perhaps you and I could work together and come up with something?


Martin A. Brooks

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