de-jargon suggestion

C. Michael Pilato cmpilato at
Fri Dec 9 13:16:46 CST 2005

Martin A. Brooks wrote:

> Max suggested (on IRC) that this wasn't so much a problem for simple 
> replacements such as this.  If you could suggest a tool that'll 
> gracefully rewrap, I'd be grateful.

I use Emacs, so rewrapping is, for me, as simple as hitting Alt-Q while 
the cursor is positioned in one of the paragraphs I changed.  Max could 
stand to embrace Emacs, too {nudge, nudge}.

>>   (2) you spelled administrator incorrectly.  :-)
> After this email I'm banning myself from the computer for the evening. :)

Heheh.  Well, when you read this mail tomorrow morning, then, accept our 
thanks for a good suggestion.

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