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Thu Dec 8 17:57:39 CST 2005

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CĂ©lio Cidral Junior wrote:
> Thanks Max. We decided that because we got worried with having to
> control revisions by hand.

What difficulty do you refer to?

> But now that you said that the 1.2 release
> is almost out of the door, I think it will be quite easy to work with
> the trunk. I will discuss with the group to see if we should return to
> the previous decision. We also may wait for the 1.2 tag as an
> alternative (thoughts?).

Remember that there is nothing particularly special about a tag. It is
just a marked point in time. Thanks to revision numbers, even points in
time which are not explicitly tagged are easily referred to.

There is absolutely no reason why you should not start translating the
current state of the trunk. Provided you record the English revision on
which any translated text is based, it will always be easy to use 'svn
diff' to find the changes which have been made to the English version,
which need to be merged into the translation.

I have begun to compile status information on which parts of the book do
and do not need further changes before 1.2 - at the moment, it is not
very complete, but I will be adding to it over the next few days. You
may find it here:

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