Unsubstituted boilerplate in svnbook /Sietse

C. Michael Pilato cmpilato at red-bean.com
Wed Dec 7 05:57:30 CST 2005

Sietse Brouwer wrote:
> Dear Madam, Sir,
> On page xvii of the 1.1 book, as well as in the nightly build of the
> 1.2 version, there is a line that reads:
> You can send publishing comments and questions to O'Reilly here:
> ###insert boilerplate.
> (In the XML version, this is surrounded by <para></para> tags.)
> I assume that in the place of ###insert boilerplate, there ought to be
> some sort of address. It's a rather mild error, as errors go, but I
> thought I'd mention it anyway. I'm sorry that I don't know enough
> about computers to be able to supply a "patch against the XML
> sources".

Thanks for the remind, Sietse.  That was in the text originally to 
indicate to O'Reilly that they should fill in their standard error 
reporting procedure when the book went to print.  I see no reason for us 
not to fill in our *own* error reporting procedure in the sources, 
though.  If the book ever sees a reprint, O'Reilly can simply amend that 
section again to include their stuff.

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