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Hi Max

On 12/2/05, Max Bowsher <maxb1 at> wrote:
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> Basically, the results were that some people prefer mailman/pipermail,
> and others prefer ezmlm/eyebrowse(the tigris ML archiver), and neither
> group seemed able to convince the other that their preference was better.

how can someone unlike mailman? :)

So, we decided to leave the choice up to the translators, since we
> couldn't decide ourselves.

you're a gentle man..

First, moderation interfaces:
> red-bean mailman:
> Principally web-based, with email notifications of new mail arriving on
> the moderation queue, and the ability to accept or discard messages via
> email.

This is *my* opinion. Have a web-based interface is good in those time
you're in a very closed enviroment(behind a squid for example) and you can't
access your mails(even gmail is denied, believe or not it happens :), in
this case you still have the web-based interface to work, to see what is
going on in short words "to moderate".

tigris ezmlm:
> Exclusively email based. No web interface at all.
> Accept/reject/add-to-allow-list via email.
> Has a SERIOUS disadvantage when multiple people moderate a list, since
> there is no way to see whether another moderator has already dealt with
> a message. This means _every_ moderator ends up moderating _every_
> message, instead of being able to split the load.

have no opinion here. But this kind of moderation wouldn't be good for me.

Second, archivers:
> red-bean mailman/pipermail:
> Simple, but fast and functional. This list's archives use it:
> Lacks a search feature though.
> tigris eyebrowse:
> See the Subversion dev list for an example:
> Its major flaw is that its 'by date' views aren't sorted by thread at
> all, and its other views function only over the entire history of the
> list - i.e., it is impossible to browse threads, sorted by date.
> Also, the thread view doesn't show the structure of different branches
> of a thread, as mailman does - it's merely shown as a flat list, sorted
> by date.

Archive isn't a problem for me. Google is your friend, believe me.

Shifting now to a slightly different topic, I think the general
> consensus was that for the most part, shared communication between the
> .po and book translators is a good thing, so we should probably name the
> lists:
> instead of svnbook-LOCALECODE.

I would really preffer. Put all together would be good, it must be a
translation effort not a svnbook  or .po translation effort. If you're
interested on .po or svnbook doesn't matter.

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