[svnbook commit] r1579 - trunk/src/en/book

Ben Collins-Sussman sussman at red-bean.com
Mon Aug 1 14:44:04 CDT 2005

On Aug 1, 2005, at 2:34 PM, Julian Foad wrote:
> Heh - sure - but isn't a little bit of you thinking "This is way  
> too embarrassing to mention in the book" ?  :-)

Nah, we already mention all sorts of other design flaws -- such as  
the lack of merge tracking (and workarounds).  My fear is really  
about overwhelming the reader with the sheer verbosity of that one  
scenario.  :-)

I think the best way to proceed is to whittle the warning down into  
*two* paragraphs, and then either put those into a FAQ or a book  
<warning>.  Eric Hanchrow:  care to try condensing?

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