thoughts on topic order

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at
Mon Aug 22 14:01:43 CDT 2005

  some thoughts on why i find the ordering of some of the topics in
the book a bit cumbersome/inconvenient.

  first, it seems out-of-order that unversioned properties are covered
in chapter 5, but only briefly (in fact, so briefly that you really
can't do anything with them).  it's not even clear why this topic is
even mentioned in this chapter.

  on the other hand, the entire section on properties waits until
chapter 7, "advanced topics," which *then* goes back to cover
unversioned properties in proper detail.  (personally, i would have
made an entire chapter out of just "properties", and covered both
types.  i don't see why unversioned properties would be considered
part of repository administration.  in that vein, it's not clear why
adding projects would also fall into chapter 5 since it seems like
pretty basic user-level stuff.)

  just my $0.03 canadian.


p.s.  i might also have put the section on vendor branches into the
chapter on just branching and tagging, but that's just a personal

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