more on ch 3

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at
Fri Aug 5 07:38:13 CDT 2005

	Basic Work Cycle

- it might be worth adding to each command its possible abbreviations:

  svn update (up)
  svn status (stat, st)
  ... etc etc ...

  either there or in subsequent sections.

	Update Your Working Copy

- "Use svn update to bring your working copy into sync with the latest
  revision in the repository."  the way this is worded might suggest
  to a newbie that *every* update will update their *entire* working
  copy, rather than just the part corresponding to their current
  location in their working copy.

	CVS Users:  Hold That Update!

- OK, maybe i just never figured this out but i've never used "cvs
  update" to see what changes i made to my WC.  how would that show
  me my changes?  wouldn't that just update my WC?  personally, i'd
  run "cvs diff".  i'm confused by the contents of that box.

	Examining history

- again, perhaps add abbrevs for each of those commands?


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