thoughts on ch 3

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at
Fri Aug 5 06:58:48 CDT 2005

	Revisions: Numbers, Keywords, and Dates, Oh My!

"Before we go on, you should know a bit about how to identify a
particular revision in your repository."

- i might be tempted to rephrase that last part as a revision *of*
your repository, but that's being pretty nitpicky.

	Revision Keywords

- technically, that "Note" is not correct, specifically the last line
which says that the pristine copy is a copy of the file as it exists
in the repository.  clearly, that's not true if someone else has
committed a change to that file.  it's only true if you're speaking in
the context of a single user working on the repo.  if that's the case,
you should say so.


- once you use "--revision" a couple of times, might it not be more
efficient to just start using "-r" from then on, just like users would
do?  and perhaps do the same with "checkout" -> "co"?  and so on?

more later.


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