more svn book pedantry

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at
Thu Aug 4 16:10:17 CDT 2005

ch 1:

"Installing Subversion"

- perhaps showing my ignorance of svn architecture, but is the APR
portability layer required if one is not using apache for repository
access, but svnserve instead?  the first line of that section
*strongly* suggests a requirement for httpd which, strictly speaking,
isn't required.

"Subversion's Components"

- it's not clear what the purpose of this list is.  naturally, you're
not going to list every component that comes with subversion, so it
makes sense to list only those that readers would appreciate at this
point.  would they really appreciate, say, svndumpfilter?  and, at
least with RPMs, mod_dav_svn is *not* part of the subversion install.
it comes in its own rpm, so it's not clear mod_dav_svn belongs in that
list (at least where rpms are concerned).

"A Quick Start"

- not to belabour this (well, ok, let's belabour it), i think the
point about svn not having a "project" belongs more appropriately in a
"note" or "important" box.  with an additional note that you'll
continue to refer to "projects" but that, when you do, it just means
some subdirectory of a repository.


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