a few more observations on the book

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at mindspring.com
Thu Aug 4 15:53:42 CDT 2005

ch 1:

- the paragraph describing creating the subdirectories "trunk",
"branches" and "tags" seems misleadingly adamant that these
directories should be created and that they should have *exactly*
those names.  maybe you clarify later that they don't actually have to
called precisely that, but readers might get the impression here that
there's something magic and mandatory about those names.

ch 2:

"Working Copies"

- this might be a good place to offhandedly mention that a working
copy is equivalent to what others would call a "sandbox", and leave it
at that

- you might also casually mention that you can have multiple working
copies going at once.  yes, i know that's trivially obvious, but some
readers might not pick up on that.  (i only mention that since you use
the phrase "Your working copy" as if there is only one of them.)


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