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C. Michael Pilato cmpilato at
Tue Apr 26 12:13:52 CDT 2005

Jonathon Mah wrote:

> I've mostly got a patch that adds line breaks to commands that 
> overflow the right-hand side of the PDF version of the book. Should I 
> submit this, or are you waiting for, say, DocBook/FO to handle it 
> automatically?

This from the ORA style guide:

    Maximum line length for code varies slightly between book formats.
    For standard non-Nutshell books, the maximum line length for code is
    82 characters, with 86 characters available in captioned examples.
    In Nutshell books, standard line length for code is 73 characters,
    with 77 characters available in captioned examples. Pocket
    references have even smaller code line length--check with your
    editor for this information. Please keep code within the code
    margins that appear in the Word template and indicate proper
    linebreaks and indents for all code. Indent using spaces, not tabs.

So, them's the ORA rules.  However, I believe we settled on something 
slightly smaller, like a maximum line length of 78 characters.  Whatever 
we decide, let's put the rule into HACKING so we remember it.
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