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Mon Apr 25 07:50:30 CDT 2005

Good time of day.

On 4/25/05, Max Bowsher <maxb at ukf.net> wrote:
> Maverick Crank GRey wrote:
> > Good day.
> > It seems to me, my answer was not received, so.. one more time =)
> Hi, sorry - just a lack of time and an uncertainty how to reply.

Okay. Do not worry. A lack of time is my permanent state too =)


> Creating the directory is no more than 60 seconds work, so don't worry about
> that.
> We can create it once there is the beginning of a translation ready to
> commit.

It sounds great.

> I have some questions about the state of the project:
> Currently, Dmitriy Popkov (cc-ed) has commit access for Russian book
> translation - is he still part of the team?

I have  no news from he after Mon, 14 Feb 2005 20:09:53. It is a date
of his last email

>  What is the current membership of the team?
It seems to me, only I is "still alive" =(
But I believe, that I can find and "reanimate" all members of our team.

> Is there existing translated text, or are you starting from scratch?
We have a glossary and some translated chapters:
- http://svn.ua-embedded.by.ru/
- http://kirov.lug.ru/wiki/SubversionBookChapter6
- http://kirov.lug.ru/wiki/SubversionReadmeFile?v=qi7

I am preparing our glossary to commit now.
Be Happy!!!
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