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Good day.
It seems to me, my answer was not received, so.. one more time =)

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Good day.
I am from the Russian translation team.

On 4/22/05, maxb <svnbook-dev at red-bean.com> wrote:
> Russian Book: Delete the directory. It contained nothing of value.
> The readme.txt spoke of changes to the DocBook XSL to output UTF-8, but 
> now
> we have shifted from html to xhtml, UTF-8 is the default anyway.


The book XML files were just a plain untouched copy of the English book - 
> but
> manually copied and "svn add"-ed, not actually "svn copy"-ed!

It was years and years ago =)

There has been no contact with the translators for some time, and if they 
> come
> back, we should set up a new ru/ directory that is properly copied.

I am sorry. It seems to me, our team has lost an ardor. Anyway, can you 
create a new ru/ directory by copying an en/ one, if it is not difficult? I 
shall try to send one patch per week at least =)

Be Happy!!!
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