Snapshots of Spanish HTML book

Max Bowsher maxb at
Sun Apr 24 07:20:10 CDT 2005

C. Michael Pilato wrote:
> Max Bowsher wrote:
>> /me grins :-)
>> You may like my last few commits, then.
>> There is now a single tools/Makefile.base, and each
>> LOCALE_CODE/Makefile contains only "include ../tools/Makefile.base",
>> plus any additional customizations that are translation-specific.
>> This should work just fine:
>> #!/bin/sh
>> for i in en es nb; do
>>  make -C $i all-html all-pdf
>> done
> *Smooooooooooooooooooch*
> Alright.  I'll do what I can (when I can, as my newborn son is not quite
> even two days old)


> to setup some sort of automated build on

and Wow - that's dedication! Take your time. :-)


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