[PATCH] Discuss character set restrictions in book

kfogel at collab.net kfogel at collab.net
Mon Apr 4 11:55:33 CDT 2005

Michael W Thelen <mike at pietdepsi.com> writes:
> Sorry, that's my fault... since the book was moved to its own
> repository, I've been unsure whether to file book patches in the
> Subversion issue tracker.  I've been meaning to ask, but have been a
> little distracted.  Thank you for reposting this patch.
> So now's as good a time as any to ask :-)  Subversion devs and book
> devs, should I continue to file book patches in the issue tracker as
> before?  Is there any change in the patch management procedure now that
> the book is in its own repository?

I just asked the authors, and they agreed that it would be nice to
continue tracking book patches/issues in the main Subversion issue
tracker.  So yes, please file them as before.



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