Translation coordination

Erik Huelsmann e.huelsmann at
Sat Apr 30 08:32:38 CDT 2005


Max Bowsher told me there were information requests comming in here for
translations and how to contribute.  I missed those, because I was not
subscribed here.  (Not a mistake: read on...)  I used to coordinate
translations when the book was part of the Subversion repository itself - I
was doing the .po's anyway.

I would like to tell you that I was not planning to do this work now that
the book has it's own repository.  So, I'm looking for (a) volunteer(s) to
do it instead of me.

There's not much difficulty to the job: Welcome new contributions,
explaining them how the project works, what is expected from contributers
and which criteria must be met before commit access can be granted...  At
least: that's how I used to do it.



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